I love presenting to you all those amazing experiences that my dear clients, students and friends had through Reiki!!


Darrel - Reiki Pacient

It probably has been so long since I received a treatment from you that you may
have forgotten me. In any event the treatment you gave me for my lower back and
 nerve in my right hip has not reoccured. I suffered the first night after I
received your treatment and have not suffered since.


Idan - Reiki Pacient

I would like to recommend a very good reiky therapist, name Gabriela. Before my first treatment I suffered from pains in my stomach for the last six month, due to having very bad emotions toward a person, like anger and hate reed. I made an x-ray in my stomach and the doctor told me that I have a fracture in my belly button, and if I want I can make a surgery, even though the doctor recommend me not to do it, but just to live with it uncomfortably. In addition to that, I suffered from pains in both of my legs ,due to infection, that made me problem to walk. The facts is that the same day, just after three months that I didn't ran, I was able to run in the beach!


Tammy - Reiki Student Level I

I wasn't too familiar with Reiki, until after Gabriela's class. Because
Reiki heals the body, mind, and spirit, I have become more aware of myself
as well as my health habits. Reiki also has deepened my meditation
experiences. I enjoy helping others, as well as myself. Definitely a life
changing experience and definitely worth it.
Gabriela is a great teacher. She listens and is very intune with others. Her
home is a peaceful place. Also, if she doesn't know the answer, she will
find it for you. Not too many people do that. She is truly a genuine and
beautiful spirit.


Marc - Reiki Pacient
There is something spiritual and dreamlike to reiki.
It heals your energy in a way western medicine never will.
I walked in feeling at odds with the universe. I walked out feeling renewed.
You need to go into this with an open mind. You need to let go.
Gabriela makes this easy. She transmits a very unusual, positive calm.
Her energy feels otherworldly.
She identifies where you're blocked. She opens you up to light.
If there is something in you that feels drawn to this type of thing, follow it. I look back on the two sessions I've had with Gabriela as a step away from the tumult of Los Angeles into a quieter world, a powerful one, preparing you for the challenges ahead.


Andrew - Reiki Pacient
After our session, I felt completely rejuvenated, relaxed, energized, happy, and positive. It gave me the energy and strength to tackle my projects with a new vigor. It was one of the best holistic experiences I have ever had. Thank you very much.


David Furth - Reiki Student level II
"When I decided to do the first level of Reiki, I knew it had something to do with healing with our hands, but I had no clue of how it worked or if it actually did work! After finishing the second level, I can say with absolute certainty that not only does it work, but also it is a very important step on our journey to self-discovery.

Gabi tought me that even though paying attention to ourselves is very important in order to elevate our souls and our consciousness, helping others is exactly as important. By doing Reiki to people, we are able to discover things about us and life in general that are so deep in ourselves, that the only way to actually see them and understand them, is through other people.

What I liked the most about Gabi, was that not only she teaches the techniques for Reiki and its history, but she also encourages others to understand that Reiki is a way of life. Reiki is about loving every moment and every creature that is presented to us by life. When I learned to combine the techniques and this philosophy of life, my thoughts, and for that matter my life, began to become more beautiful than before. I am now capable of loving most experiences because I’m able to see the light in almost every situation.

Not only I recommend Gabriela Kulaif as a Reiki teacher, but I especially recommend her as a teacher and as an incredible human being.

Peace, Light and lots of love"


Simone - Reiki Pacient
Very difficult to explain with words the feeling of healing: there
is a sense of wind between Gabriela's hands and your body. Definitely a
rejuvenating experience. I highly suggest to let go, and relax, and let Gabi
do her magic"


Alison - Reiki Pacient
As part of my life change to lead a more wholistic lifestyle, I decided to see what Reiki had to offer. When I spoke with Gabriela on the phone immedatley felt comforted and I looked forward to the session. I have since had two sessions with Gabriela, after each session I felt a calmness that is hard to discribe. The care that Gabriela takes with talking with you before that session is amazing, simply connecting with you to discuss what has been happening in your life before the treatment begins give you the sense that all will be healed. Gabriela's intuitive nature and calm/relaxed energy allows you to recive the possitive energy needed to heal and rejuvinate. Reiki has opened my heart and mind. The art of Reiki is truly a tribute to the benefits of healing human touch.
There is nothing like it.







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