Radiestesy and
Quantum Radiestesy

I use the science of Radiestey to measure the energy of the chakras and the aura of my patients. I also make diagnosis using the pendulum (one of the tools of the Radiestesy) and graphics.

It is important to know that this is not an esoteric kind of treatment, this is a science that has been used for centuries, the same technique people use to find gold and water under the ground.

This method is becoming very popular and used by Holistic Therapists all around the world.

What is Radiestesy and Quantum Radiestesy

Radiestesy is a method of diagnosis and healing of vibrations of high intensity created inside us or in our environment. Quantum Radiestesy corrects vibrations of people, places, companies, objects, etc.

Our energetic field is the ground for our psychic actuation, which in turn, is linked to the conscious and unconscious collective psyche (family, social, business, politic). This quantum link as a whole influences us by unconscious psychic factors. Internal or external conflicts - among people, dimensions, also brought on by pressure of planetary influences - affect our perception and behavior. Quantum Radiestesy therapy diminishes internal and external tension and annuls the impregnation of negative energies, offering relief and enlightenment to make decisions according with its essence.

When our vibration lowers, we become vulnerable. We enter in tune with the influences of evil energies of high intensity producing affliction, fear, rage, discordant behavior, adverse situations, hostility, confusion, adversities and unnecessary losses. The goal of Quantum Radiestesys is to make a psycho-spiritual ecology, through maintenance of the vibratory level, of intellectual production, of emotional balance, with body-soul-spirit-cosmos, of material prosperity, of creativity, of wise decisions, of quality of life, etc. It's a vibratory work that also helps people and/or companies to better deal with difficult periods, where perception can be open to a further vision of the complexities of the variants in question, diminishing the impact caused by stress and unpredictable critical situations.

With the continuity of treatment a connection will be established with the vibratory dimensions of organized consciousness in an ecological and holistic way making more sense for the soul, thus helping, in the self-knowledge process.


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