. Make a Wish!

. Have good Thoughts!

. Give exactly what you want to receive.

. Believe in Dreams, Believe in Life, Believe in People.

. Learn the Lesson.

. Be aware everyone has hard times, this is a human condition, but always keep your faith on Good Times, it will surely arrive soon!

. Always Remember: "Love is the Answer"

. Everything you have is everything you need.

. Be conscious that every little action you do has a reaction; every small good thing you do will create good things; also every bad thing you do will create bad things. Be always responsible for your actions.

Let me tell you this story as an example: The boss is rude to the employee, who arrives home stressed out and is cruel to his wife, who being sad about this, gets angry with her son, who mistreats the cat.

. Drink lots of water!

. Make a fast diet once a week

. You are the Artist of your Life!




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