Flower Therapy

Flower Therapy is a medicine system that can change very subtle emotional and psychological states of being, like terror, depression, anxiety, irritability , intolerance, lack of confidence, hatred or selfishness. Two drops thrice a day of the right remedy can uproot such deep-seated personality traits. And, in the process, heal the body.

Although the system was founded in the 1930s by Dr Edward Bach, an English bacteriologist and homeopathic physician, it remained an obscure tributary of homeopathy till the recent rekindling of interest in it. Its popularity is growing the world over, with annual conferences and the publication of books to keep pace with the burgeoning number of new remedies.

Bach flower is perhaps one of the most spiritual therapies, for it stems from Dr Bach's belief in the soul, a spark of the divine, guiding us towards our purpose in life. Violating the soul's dictates or harming others distorts our inherently noble virtues such as courage, love, mental peace, humility, strength and understanding into negative qualities such as possessiveness, fear, indecision, depression, impatience, cruelty and hate. This process generates disease, which, therefore, originates in our spiritual state.

Dr Bach pinpointed 38 archetypal soul states and discovered plants embodying those states. Their use helps restore the balance between the soul and the personality, lost through the lack of a certain soul quality, thereby healing the illness.

Agrimony - for those who hide worries behind a brave face
Aspen - for apprehension for no known reasons
Beech - for those who are critical and intolerant of others
Centaury - for those who are weak-willed, exploited or imposed upon
Cerato - for those who doubt their own judgement, seeking confirmation of others
Cherry Plum - for uncontrolled, irrational thoughts
Chestnut Bud - for those who refuse to learn by experience and continually repeat the same mistakes
Chicory - for those who are over possessive - (self-centered) - clinging and over-protective especially of loved ones
Clematis - for those who are inattentive, dreamy, absent-minded, for mental escapism
Crab Apple - the 'Cleanser' - for self-disgust/detestation - for those who are ashamed of ailments
Elm - for those who are overwhelmed by inadequacy and responsibility Gentian - for despondency
Gorse - for pessimism, defeatism, 'oh what's the use!'
Heather - for those who are talkative, (obsessed with own troubles and experiences)
Holly - for hatred, envy, jealousy, suspicion
Honeysuckle - for those living in the past - nostalgic - for home-sickness
Hornbeam - for 'Monday morning' feeling - procrastination
Impatiens - for impatience and irritability
Larch - for lack of self-confidence, feeling of inferiority, fear of failure
Mimulus - for fear of known things, shyness, timidity
Mustard - for 'dark cloud' that descends, making one saddened and low for no known reason
Oak - for those who are normally strong/courageous, but no longer able to struggle bravely against illness or adversity
Olive - for those who are fatigued, drained of energy
Pine - for guilt complex - those who blame themselves even for mistakes of others and are always apologizing
Red Chestnut - for those obsessed by care and concern for others
Rock Rose - for those who are suddenly alarmed, scared, panicky
Rock Water - for those who are rigid-minded, self-denying
Scleranthus - for uncertainty/ indecision/ vacillation - for fluctuating moods
Star of Bethlehem - for all the effects of serious news, of fright following an accident, etc.
Sweet Chestnut - for utter dejection, bleak outlook


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