To the clairvoyant, the aura appears as an egg shaped swirl of light and energy encircling the individual. In the average individual, it is somewhat symmetric in shape, with a constantly changing and swirling color pattern. It extends anywhere from twelve to eighteen inches from the periphery of the physical form; the first 3/4-inch to one-inch being somewhat clear and vibrantly iridescent in appearance.

The aura reflects certain aspects of the individual. It reflects the general health and vitality of the person, the over all, as well as current, emotional state of the person, the mental and psychological patterns exhibited by the individual, and the spiritual nature of the soul and spirit.
Therefore, depending upon these various factors, the aura can be vibrantly expansive and full of the most beautiful pastel shades of color, or it can be very tightly knit to the body, with a murky and almost threatening appearance to it.

If the individual tends to respond to the higher prompting of the Spirit, the aura will tend to flare outward toward the top, indicating a strong connection with the higher aspects of life. If the person reacts more to the lower nature, the aura will appear to be somewhat bottom heavy, indicating that there is a strong connection to the earthly or lower side of life.

It is important to state that it is not the colors appearing within the aura that reflect the general nature of the soul, but rather the quality and clarity of the colors. Colors have both a positive and a negative aspect to them.


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