About Me

My name is Gabriela Kulaif .

As far I as can remember, I have always been interested in every kind of science that is somehow connected to meta-physical experiences.

Throughout my life, I have studied a lot about Astrology, Numerology
(Hebrews and Pythagoras), Tarot, Chakras, Angels, Crystals, Chromotherapy, Herbology, Aromatherapy, Radiestesy, Meditation, Reiki, Massage Therapy and everything connected with those subjects.

I always thought about these as a way of life, but then I realized that if I
want to really help people, I would have to work and focus on these topics. That's why I decided to start this serious work. I want to give people the same opportunity I've had: to learn how to connect with the inner self using all the possible tools to heal and open any kind of blockade and therefore become a whole person.

I am also very sensitive to any kind of energy. Being connected and
learning about energy tools is what makes me healthy and alive, specially
during the rough periods in my life.

Life give us tools for all kinds of illnesses. My job is to find which tool is better for each case.

I believe that this is the real key to healing, peace, love, and happiness.

If you have any question about my treatments or if you want to share
something with me please contact me.

Thank you!



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